• Ideal Advisor Software Overview

    IDeal Advisor Software Inc. has developed the world's first automated online business intelligence and investment tools for the buying, selling and improvement of website properties.

    The company offers a suite of measurement, planning and valuation tools on a Web 2.0 Software as a Service platform (SaaS).

    Currently no other organization offers tools and services that provide immediate and credible results.

    With our tools IDeal Advisor Software aims to replicate what the Kelley Blue Book has done for the auto business and what MLS has accomplished in the real estate industry by achieving leadership status within the domain and website properties valuation business.

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    Executive Summary (PDF)

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  • Ideal Advisor Software Toolset Overview - A quick overview of the entire IdealAdvisor Software website property analytics toolset. For a more detailed look an each tool proceed to the slides.
  • Top 10 Charts - A table that shows the top 10 website rankings categorized by revenue, monthly visitors and websites sold with all prices shown in real time. This helps you be more aware of the top values within the database and can be used as a baseline for your comparative shopping.
  • Smart Source - A comprehensive table and a series of charts consolidating the most important website property characteristics and comparables (trends) such as net revenue, Google page rank, monthly visitors and other valuable investment research that is sourced from the database. It provides the first step to evaluate a website's potential.
  • Buy Me Meter - A table that uses the current website property''s net income and compares it against industry averages to determine if the investment is fair, good or excellent. It helps you identify at a glance if this is a good investment opportunity.
  • Website Valuation Report - A comprehensive 28 page report on a website's revenue potential and market value based on the # of visitors, age, Alexa rank, Google page rank, monthly net revenue and other criteria. It provides you an estimate of the site's market value for initial negotiation. [Website Valuation Report - Sample]

    In addition, the customer receives a 43 page, step by step Digital Book called "Improving Web Property Value", that provides practical website value enhancement guidance. [Improving Web Property Value - Sample]

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  • What If Analysis - A customizable calculator where you can input common website revenues, expenses and returns to determine if a website property may be under monetized. This helps you estimate its full potential after your investment.